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Week 11 Fantasy Football Stats Notebook: Why Kadarius Toney is set up for success vs. Chargers

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The Chiefs deal with a ton of injuries in their spacious waiting room. This is great news for fantasy football managers who are looking for week 11 sleepers in the waiting room with so many big names waiting bye bye.

Kadarius Tony was targeted for 50 percent of his routes in the second half of week 10. His snap percentage was fairly static, 42% in the first half and 48% in the second. He just got a lot more involved after. Juju Smith-Shuster left the game. This is great news for Tony’s potential clients in week 11. The fact that Mekole Hardman is now on IR, it is a larger and longer lasting needle engine.

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Tony still doesn’t work as a techie, but the Chiefs seem ready and willing to get around that. He averaged only 7.0 yards in the air per goal, but earned 7.8 yards after the catch per reception. Here’s what you need to do with Tony; take him out into space and let him cook.

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It would not be an exaggeration to say that Tony really has a rare ability to win in the open field.

Patrick Mahomes #15 and Kadarius Tony #19 of the Kansas City Chiefs together are fantastic value.
Patrick Mahomes and Kadarius Tony look like a couple trapped in a fantasy paradise. (Photo by David Yulitt/Getty Images)
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Executives used Hardman in this way. He even became a key figure in their redzone package as a rusher on stretches and jet sweeps. Tony even more dangerous in space.

Juju was ruled out in week 11 against the Chargers. With both him and Hardman off the roster, Tony is a priority but it will be interesting to see Sky Moore also gets into the mix.

People expected him to be the league slot receiver, but the Chiefs mostly worked him on the side both as an X and as a flanker. Moore could take on some of the freed JuJu representatives, but that’s how it sounds Marquez Valdes-Scantling will eventually play despite illness. This means that we are only in “wait and see” mode with Moore in this match, not in the calculation.

No TE has run a route with a higher bounce rate for their team than Dallas Godert.

Tight-end Eagles completed 85.9% of the route Jalen Hurts indents. He played a crucial role in the passing game, but he will now be out for at least four weeks.

The Philadelphia anadromous tree is highly concentrated. Almost 75% of the goals went to either Gedert, AJ Brown or DeVonta Smith.

It’s hard to imagine a scenario in which someone else on the list simply steps on more than half of Gedert’s vacated images. Most likely, its volume is distributed between the guys from the depth, but also slides a little towards the two upper receivers. Brown and Smith have been amazing this season but have not been able to put together their important games in one week. A little more volume would have helped even out their consistency. This is especially important for Smith going forward.

Lamar Jackson is ranked 26th overall by the EPA when targeting outside WRs.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. The crows struggled to find any response to the external receiver with Rashod Bateman out of turn. In fact, starting in week 4 – Bateman was injured in the middle of that game – Jackson fell sharply outside the top 40 in this indicator.

It’s just hard to imagine the Ravens offense recovering from that loss. The reinforcements behind Bateman consisted of guys like Demarcus Robinson, who could not get into the Raiders, and DeSean Jackson, who quickly pulled his hamstring in his first play action. There is simply no answer here.

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Ravens can survive an attack regardless of this problem, but they need to Mark Andrews back and running 100% to make it happen. Either way, Jackson simply won’t be as effective in the air in this version of the attack, and through no fault of his own.

Mac Hollins routed 93% of the Raiders’ rollbacks.

Hollins trails only Davante Adams for the team leader. There really is no mystery as to what is wrong with the Raiders. Several famous players in skill positions missed a lot of time.

The Adams deal obscured the fact that there were serious flaws in the Las Vegas roster.

The Raiders didn’t claim good pass defense or a strong pass-blocking offensive line. There they lacked talent, and these problems manifested themselves throughout the season.

One potentially important part of that list would have to be their passing game. Considering they had to rely on mid to low level players like Hollins, we can see why this is not a good thing. Despite air attack being the team’s only strong point, Las Vegas entered this year with surprisingly low depth.

FROM Hunter Renfroe as well as Darren Waller There is simply no light at the end of the tunnel in IR. It’s too late to save the raiders.

Nico Collins ran the course with an 81% bounce rate in week 10, the highest on the team.

Collins is a great option for fantasy managers looking for week 11 sleepers. Commanders – passing defense and Davis Mills has serious home-to-road tensions (shoutout to Dalton Del Don on Sportzshala Fantasy Football Forecast for this nugget).

I’m more interested in what goes beyond that. Collins has legitimate talent. It makes impressive grips at the point of grip and is quite resistant to press coverage. This second remark is significant, given that he has exhausted himself as a pure X-receiver. He is a rising player on the wide-open depth chart.

Nico Collins #12 of Houston Texans
Nico Collins seems to have been successful. (Photo by Cooper Neal/Getty Images)

This depth chart is even more open than we thought ahead of the season. Brandin Cooks the situation quickly deteriorated after his failed exchange request. He’s clearly unhappy about it, and although he had a touchdown called off last week, he hasn’t been attacked more than seven times since the second week. There is a 50/50 chance that Collins will outsell Cooks the rest of the way.

Bear protection is last in the EPA allowed from week 7.

Justin Fields and the offense really took off from the middle of the season. At the same time, the defense lost talent in the trade deadline, and the results on the field showed it.

This is partly why the Bears have been unable to close these games lately. Fantasy managers don’t care. There is nothing better in fake football than a team with a talented quarterback who pushes the scoreboard on one side but puts up little resistance on the other. Bear Protection has become one of these extremely generous divisions.

You know how to play for Team Chicago in Week 11. Fields is the best game, and his appearance has brought Darnell Mooney as well as Cole Kmet into a circle of trust. The Atlanta side is a bit more interesting. Do you have the fortitude to plan a solid walk through the air for Marcus Mariota? The seepage effect would be great news for Drake London as well as Kyle Pitts … but you know the deal there. London would be my choice to use this matchup as they have received more short goals than Pitts this year (14 aerial yards per goal).

DeAndre Hopkins and Rondale Moore have a combined target share of 56.7% from week 8.

Moore has shown this year that he can do more than some of the “fake receiver” work he did in his rookie season. He has shown bursts of being a legitimate slot machine recipient, dominating goals alongside Hopkins.

Moore would have had a great night’s sleep in week 11, but possible comeback Hollywood Brown complicates matters.

This year we have not yet seen this trio on the field together. Hopkins took over as left wide receiver, which Brown held prior to his IR tenure. Brown could have done a few reps as a vertical slot, but that would have meant Moore would come out, which turned out to be a bad fit – see movie about Carolina’s game.

Brown was great at the start of the season. Both Hopkins and Moore will yield targets to the speed receiver. How many views they lose will tell us a lot about the hierarchy and how it will dispose of the rest. The fact is that Zach Ertz out for the season, but likely to keep all of these players afloat, especially Moore.

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