Week 11 Sunday Night NFL Recap: Patrick Mahomes is inevitable, Dallas Cowboys crush Minnesota Vikings & should New York Jets bench Zach Wilson?

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Death, taxes and winning games by Patrick Mahomes. None of them can be avoided. The Kansas City Chiefs picked up their fourth straight win on Sunday night, this time against the Los Angeles Chargers thanks to another impressive performance by Mahomes, enhanced by a devastating three-touchdown play from tight end Travis Kelsey.

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Charles Robinson & Frank Schwab Start a Sunday night podcast discussing the inevitability of a Chiefs team this year, and whether Mahomes has entered Tom Brady-esque territory when he’s berated by 31 other franchises simply for being too good at football.

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After that, Charles and Frank shift the discussion to all of Sunday’s games and storylines, including the Dallas Cowboys’ dominating win over the Minnesota Vikings, the Philadelphia Eagles in a one-loss win, barely holding on in a one-point win over the Indianapolis Colts. “. The New York Jets are due to replace Zach Wilson, drumming against Nathaniel Hackett in Denver and more.

0:25 Kansas City Chiefs 30, Los Angeles Chargers 27

7:50 Dallas Cowboys 40, Minnesota Vikings 3

16:25 Philadelphia Eagles 17, Indianapolis Colts 16

21:40 Detroit Lions 31, New York Giants 18

27:15 Cincinnati Bengals 37, Pittsburgh Steelers 30

30:00 Chicago Bears 24, Atlanta Falcons 27

35:40 Cleveland Browns 23, Buffalo Bills 31

41:30 New York Jets 3, New England Patriots 10

50:20 Las Vegas Raiders 22, Denver Broncos 16 (OT)

57:05 Los Angeles Rams 20, New Orleans Saints 27

59:50 Washington Commanders 23, Houston Texans 10

62:10 Carolina Panthers 3, Baltimore Ravens 13

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