Week 14 NFL Power Rankings: Here Come the Bengals


Injuries are the worst part of football and they affect several teams in Ringerlatest NFL strength rating. The San Francisco 49ers, despite a landslide win over the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, lost. 9 after starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo suffered a season-ending foot injury. The Baltimore Ravens aren’t down yet, but their position with the AFC North and their place in our top 10 is in jeopardy as Lamar Jackson is expected to miss some time with a knee injury. The top two teams in the NFL with quarterback injuries at the end of the season will have a significant impact on playoff seeding and, ultimately, who wins the Super Bowl.

These injuries were part of the history of the 13th week. Another was a potential shake-up in the AFC, with the Cincinnati Bengals taking out the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills regaining the lead in the AFC East after losing to Miami. Now about ratings.

The best of the best

1. Philadelphia Eagles (11-1 | last week’s rating: 1)

On Sunday, the Eagles outplayed one of the league’s biggest hooligans. AJ Brown Literally pierced the face of a Titans protector en route to his first of two touchdowns in a 35–10 win over his former team. Tennessee managed to slow down Philadelphia’s game, but he just didn’t have the answers to Jalen Hurts’ attack and the Eagles’ passing attack. Hurts only had 12 yards but had one of his best performances of the year, hitting 29-of-39 for 380 passing yards and three touchdowns. No one will beat the Eagles if Hurts plays the way he played against Tennessee in February.

2. Buffalo Bills (9-3 | last week: 3)

Josh Allen is an alien and his touchdown pass to Gabe Davis as he runs out of bounds at Bills’ Week 13, a victory over the Pats was another example of this. But can we also tip our (big) cap to surrounding talent? New offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey lived up to the off-season hype by succeeding Brian Daball as Allen’s assistant; Stephon Diggs is one of the eight best receivers in football; Tremaine Edmunds and Matt Milano are arguably the best linebacker pairing in the league and lead a defense that consistently outperforms their rivals due to multiple injuries. This is one of the most complete teams in the NFL. as well as he has an alien as a quarterback so it was easy to put them back in front of Kansas City as the AFC top team after week 13.

3. Kansas City Chiefs (9-3 | last week: 2)

As long as Patrick Mahomes is healthy and starting, the Chiefs are in the elite division of NFL teams. Bengals (shout Big Lou Anarumo) are numbered Chiefs, but Mahomes is still the best quarterback in the league, and Kansas City’s offense is still the best in the league. This loss to the Bengals didn’t affect their rankings much here. If there is any reason to doubt, they are on the defensive side of the ball. Kansas City enters Week 14 ranked 20th in points per game and 26th in defensive success.

Deep postseason contenders

4. Dallas Cowboys (9-3 | last week: 4)

Dak Prescott continues to raise Dallas’ offensive ceiling. CeeDee Lamb – no. 3 receivers behind Tyreke Hill and Davante Adams in yards per run since Prescott returned to the starter in Week 7, and the Cowboys’ passing offense is third in the EPA per game behind Kansas City and Cincinnati in the same section of games. Right now, the Eagles and Cowboys are in a class of their own in the NFC, especially now that the 49ers will be without Garopplo for the rest of the season.

5. Cincinnati Bengals (8-4 | last week: 8)

What’s not to love about Cincinnati right now? Joe Burrow shows the best football of his career; head coach Zach Taylor did more to improve the offense than he ever did with the Bengals; and defense coordinator Lou Anarumo somehow improved his game without top defenseman Chidobe Awuzi. Heck, even backup running back Samaya Perin has been knocked out for Joe Mixon in recent weeks. This is a better Bengals team than last year and this team went all the way to the Super Bowl.

6. Miami Dolphins (8-4 | last week: 6)

The Dolphins will fall out of the top 10 if they let Sunday’s loss to San Francisco become a blueprint for other teams to limit Tua Tagovailoa and offense. No other defense can replicate what Fred Warner does in midfield for the 49ers, but other defenses Can step up the pressure and play out the press coverage, hit Tagovailoa and disrupt the timing of the crime. Head Coach Mike McDaniel and Company hastened to cheer Tagovailoa when the quarterback was overwhelmed by early pressure and a few QBs. He was missing shots he hadn’t missed all season, and because of this, the game got out of hand. Reason for optimism is that Tagovailoa began to regain his confidence and play better in the fourth quarter before he left the game with an ankle injury that did not look serious.

Unsuccessful postseason contenders

7. Minnesota Vikings (10-2 | last week: 7)

Kirk Cousins ​​put in an uncharacteristically inaccurate play, and star player Justin Jefferson was held up less than 50 yards in Sunday’s victory over the Jets. Nine of the Vikings’ 10 wins this season have been by one point, and the Vikings are proving to be winning in clutch time. Cam Bynum’s late interception of Mike White secured the victory over New York.. There is a gap between the Vikings and the two teams they lost to (Eagles and Cowboys), but they are still the third best team in the NFC right now.

8. Baltimore Ravens (8-4 | last week: 9)

Lamar Jackson is the main reason I consider the Ravens a legitimate contender in the AFC and he is now expected to miss.”days per week‘ John Harbaugh said after injuring his knee at the start of Sunday’s victory over the Broncos. Baltimore scored a season-high 10 points with understudy Tyler Huntley included in the game, and the betting market is already shifting in response to Jackson’s injury. The crows have moved from Away favorites with 4.5 points against 3-point underdogs against the Steelers in Week 14. While the postseason spot is probably not in jeopardy for Baltimore, there’s no question they need a Jackson, healthy and in a hurry, to keep the rising Bengals in the AFC north.

9. San Francisco 49ers (8-4 | last week: 5)

Don’t let Brock Purdy, replacing Miami’s poor defense, hide from you what the loss of Jimmy Garoppolo really means for San Francisco for the rest of the season. While there is no head coach in the NFL that I trust more than Kyle Shanahan, in terms of backup QB support, the loss of talent and experience from Garoppolo to Purdy is significant. The 49ers are still too well trained and too talented on both sides of the ball to completely collapse, but Garoppolo’s injury puts them comfortably behind the Cowboys, Eagles and even the Vikings in the second tier of NFC contenders.

10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-6 | last week: 11)

Tom Brady and the Bucks’ offense was lousy during the first 55 minutes of their showdown with the Saints on Football on a Monday night. Then, 13 points behind in a hurry, Brady reminded everyone why he was a GOAT. Yes, resentment is still frustrating. Yes, Byron Leftwich doesn’t use his offensive talent. And yes, head coach Todd Bowles is usually conservative in his late game management. But the Bucks have Brady, and sometimes that’s all that matters.

11. Tennessee Titans (7-5 ​​| last week: 10)

The Titans’ offensive against the Philadelphia came to an abrupt halt after Traylon Burks suffered a concussion while receiving a touchdown in the first quarter. Burks, a rookie first-round pick, is one of the few offensive weapons the Titans can rely on when the opposing defense effectively confines Derrick Henry, as the Eagles did on Sunday, and the Titans only had one run. more than 25 yards after Burks left. the game. However, of greater concern after Sunday’s loss was a pass defense that was powerless to stop Jalen Hurts, AJ Brown and DeVonta Smith. The only Tennessee team with a winning record this season is the Commanders, and while the Titans are still looking to make the playoffs given the ineptitude of the AFC South, there’s a gap right now between them and the AFC’s true rivals.

12. Seattle Seahawks (7-5 ​​| last week: 12)

It’s time to consider how much money Jeno Smith should make next year after his 2022 performance. By comparison, Ryan Tannehill received a four-year, $118 million contract after revitalizing his career with the Titans in 2019; Tannehill threw for over 2,700 yards in 12 regular season games and led Tennessee to an AFC championship that season. Smith’s stats are now better than Tannehill’s last year, and he has the Seahawks in playoff contention. Smith has held a high position in Seattle’s offense all season. clear leader for the NFL Returning Player of the Year award. The NFC has the best teams right now, but the future in Seattle with Smith at the helm is exciting.

on the bubble

13. New York Jets (7-5 ​​| last week: 14)

Losing to Minnesota is a shame, but damn, the Jets look better with Mike White in QB. Sure, White’s two interceptions against the Vikings are a nasty look into the box, but he played his ass on Sunday. If a Braxton Berrios could hold that fourth down get into the end zone, the Jets are likely to win this game. White has thrown over 300 yards in straight starts this season since replacing Zach Wilson. He clearly stepped up the offense, just in time and accurately knocking the ball out of the structure. A playoff run is still far from guaranteed, but it’s clear White is giving New York the best shot.

14. New England Patriots (6-6 | last week: 13)

The Patriot attack is disappointing. Mac Jones yelled on the touchline…

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