Week 2 of the 2022 fantasy football season had many noteworthy performances, but none stood out more than the offense of Tua Tagovailoa and the Dolphins. Wow! What should we make of them? And what events of the second week are worth reading? Matt Bowen and Tristan H. Cockcroft offer their analysis.

Tua becomes a fantastic power

I must lay the blame on my wise colleague, Mr. Bowen, because during our conversation at the beginning of the game, I insisted that before I trust Tagovailoa to throw the ball deep from behind, I first need to see the evidence. Well, that proof came in the form of 38.86 fantasy points, a franchise record with six touchdowns. Tagovailoa seemed comfortable enough sharing things with two of his top wide receivers, Tyreke Hill and Jaylen Waddle, and he even had a good end zone shot to Mike Gesicki’s tight end. Tagovailoa’s accuracy hasn’t been perfect, but having two of the best wide receivers in the game obviously helps him and there’s no question I’d love to have him on my lineup against any NFL bottom half defense. He will probably be back to producing QB12-15 in week 3 against the Bills, but give me those Jets (week 5), Steelers (week 7) and Lions (week 8) matches all day. — Cockcroft

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Tristan, we saw Tua take some vertical shots. But I’m still going back to the basic passing concepts in this Miami offense that create timing and rhythmic shots for Tua to target the second level of the field. And when you have decisive speed in Hill and Waddle, you have the opportunity to play explosive games on clever crosses, slopes and fast moves. — Bowen

Amon-Ra keeps rolling

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Regression, shmegression. Amon-Ra St. Brown broke his previous personal best in PPR fantasy points in week 2 with 39.4, including a couple of beautiful plays such as his 58-yard run from the end and an 11-yard run midway through the fourth quarter. More importantly, however, he received a 35% target share (12 of 34) a week after he had a 32% share (12 of 37) in the season opener, further solidifying his status as Jared Goff forward. guy. Now, St. Brown have double-digit goals in every game since week 13 last season, as well as a league-leading 210.9 points in that time, although Cooper Kupp and a few other players (if they have good games ) can catch up to him for honor later in Week 2. With his quarterback eye, elite skills and a defense that will put the Lions’ rapidly improving offense into passing situations, St. Brown is confident he looks like a league winner again. — cockcroft

Waddle and Hill Fireworks in Miami

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The playbook for Miami went haywire today, leading to Jaylen Waddle seeing 19 goals in a return win over Baltimore. However, it was a good look at how Mike McDaniel would place the receiver in his system with circuit breakers, shields and schematic verticals. Wuddle has the ability to break the game, as well as instant speed upon being caught, matching Tua’s traits as a thrower. Waddle finished with 11 tackles for 171 yards and two points, which was good for a 40.1 PPR. It was a ridiculous day for a sophomore who would be a solid WR2 in a tough Week 3 matchup against the Bills defense. — Bowen

Fun fact: Waddle and Tyreke Hill became the first pair of wide receivers since 1954 to score over 40 fantasy PPRs in the same game. cockcroft

Swift continues to rise in the RB rankings

You can lock D’Andre Swift into the top 5 RBs moving forward regardless of matchup. On Sunday, in a reduced role due to an ankle injury, Swift scored a 16.7 PPR – just six touches – in the Lions’ victory over the Commanders. We can all see the juice he brings to the running game in Detroit. Find open daylight and go. It is farsightedness and speed in short sections to enter the open field. He is also an effective receiver, having received 62 yards and six points in the first two weeks of the season. And this Lions attack can move the ball. It’s well planned. Swift and Detroit will play a divisional game against the Vikings. — Bowen

Chubb finds end zone three times

Having Jacoby Brisset as quarterback didn’t seem to stop the Browns from racking up 401 yards and four touchdowns in two weeks. Nick Chubb had three scores on Sunday, resulting in a 32.3 fantasy PPR, and he looks like a big player early in the team’s schedule, which is fantasy-friendly. Make sure every lineup has it as a frontier RB1. — cockcroft

Top 5 runners in the league, Tristan. That’s how I see Chubb – on offense, lashing out at volumes. Easy money in your lineup — Bowen

Other observations

Lamar Jackson, QB, Baltimore Ravens: He became the first quarterback in history to go through as well as rushing touchdowns at least 75 yards in the same game, plus he set a new personal best of 42.62 fantasy points. Despite all this, Jackson’s performance was overshadowed by Tagovailoa’s extraordinary performance and an incredible victory for the Dolphins. It was a game of speed and big plays, and Jackson was at his best and could hardly be blamed (this falls squarely on the Baltimore defense). Like Aaron Judge of the Yankees (who currently has 58 and 59 homers), Jackson plays like someone interested in a big new contract, and it comes from a guy who doesn’t usually believe in contract-year players. I don’t think I would have ruled him out of my top five even against a tougher defense like his Week 4 against the Bills. The Patriots are next. — cockcroft

I’m with you on Lamar. He throws the ball with speed and location and aims at all three levels of the field. Plus, he’s simply the most electrifying player in the league with the ball in his hands—whether in clever rushes or scramble attempts. — Bowen

Tom Brady, QB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Will Brady be QB1 next week? I think it’s a fair question after he only scored 9.4 points in Week 2 of the Bucks’ victory over the Saints. Yes, it’s a tough matchup for Brady. Dennis Allen’s defense may be plotting against the veteran quarterback. The Bucks also have injuries in the receiver and in the front. But Brady also didn’t do much (10.38 points) in the Bucks’ Week 1 game against Dallas. Right now, that offense is in transition, with Tampa getting the Green Bay defense in week three. Bowen

Rams running back: After Thursday’s NFL kickoff game, in which Cam Akers’ limited usage became one of the biggest week 1 storylines, he closed the usage gap with Darrell Henderson Jr. in Week 2, playing 43.5% of offensive snaps compared to 56.5 % of Henderson while winning 17:10 total race touchdowns. However, Henderson had the highest speed of the duo (16.7 mph, according to NFL Next Gen Stats) as well as the Rams’ only rushing touchdown. , indicating that he is still very active in the race. back field mixture. Henderson should continue to be your favorite fantasy Rams, though Akers’ shares are up slightly. — Cockcroft

Christian Kirk, WR, Jacksonville Jaguars: Kirk scored 25.8 points in a win over the Colts in Week 2 of the Jags, but it was the scoring games that stood out to me the most. Both of his landings were conceived inside the red zone. There was a corner route from the backfield line, then a boot “hiding” pattern where Kirk released the ball over the line of scrimmage into the opposite court. Kirk has already caught 12 of 18 targets for 195 yards in his first two games with the Jags. He will stay in WR3 next week against the Chargers. — Bowen

Dameon Pierce, RB, Houston Texans: After sharing a carry with Rex Burkhead in Week 1, Pierce had a clear lead against the Broncos on Sunday, rushing for 69 yards on 15 carries. And I’m really just looking at volume here. If this stays the same for Pierce, he could make it into your lineup as a possible flex play. Running downhill and physically, Pierce offers contact and has a knack for shocking defenders. — Bowen

Drake London, WR, Atlanta Falcons: London scored 24.6 PPR against the Rams. There is a system fit. So is the volume. In this, the rookie saw 12 targets, catching eight passes for 86 yards and landing (on a low red zone throw). London are now on 13 of 19 goals after two pro games. This week he will rise through the ranks for me. Start it off as a solid WR3 against the Seahawks defense next Sunday. — Bowen

Garrett Wilson, WR, New York Jets: Claimed in 70.3% of Sportzshala’s leagues, Wilson should be added this week after dropping 30.0 PPRs in the Jets’ return win over the Browns on Sunday. The rookie caught 8 of 14 targets for 102 yards and scored two goals, including the game winner. Dynamic and extremely sudden, Wilson has shown his ability to rock the press in the red zone, and in space he can unwind. The Ohio State product then gets a Week 3 matchup with the Bengals. He’s from deeper league WR3. — Bowen

Curtis Samuel, WR, Washington Commanders: You can keep Samuel in the WR3 mix for next week’s game against the Eagles. The wide receiver scored 22.9 PPR in Sunday’s loss to the Lions after posting 19.2 in his first week. Samuel scored a touchdown in both games to start the season. The volume of the passing game is. And its versatility creates opportunities in this assault on artificial touch. — Bowen

Matt Ryan, QB, Indianapolis Colts: His and the Colts’ performances in week 2 were as far from the “rebound” label as can be, as the Colts were shut down by the division rival Jaguars 24-0. Ryan got it wrong again, giving him five (thankfully only one loss) for the season and being intercepted three times, bringing back painful memories of Carson Wentz’s fluid prone game. To make matters worse, Ryan’s inability to hit the target saw star running back Jonathan Taylor have one of the worst 10 touches and 7.3 PPR days of his career to date, and the team needs to quickly make amends to ease the situation. what a panic. The absence of Michael Pittman Jr. had a lot to do with it, but the offensive line worked…