Week 3 Preview: Brady vs. Rodgers, Lawrence vs. Herbert, and More


Danny Heifetz, Benjamin Solak and Steven Ruiz Week 3 Preview, starting at Packers-Bucs (0:45). Since both teams have so many injuries, they discuss how these attacks can attack without their main weapon. They then predict Monday morning headlines for the Niners-Broncos, Jags-Chargers, Dolphins-Bills and more (22:35). Finally, Danny asks Ben and Steven to explain why and how there are so many bad reports, like they did in the Dolphin-Crows game last week (48:47).

Hosts: Danny Heifetz, Benjamin Solak and Steven Ruiz.
Associate Producer: Isaiah Blakely
Additional Production Supervision: Arjuna Ramgopal

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Source: www.theringer.com