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Week 5 NFL power rankings: Who moves up to No. 2 behind unbeaten Philadelphia Eagles?

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NFL strength ranking ahead of week 5 of the 2022 season (previous rank in brackets):

1. Eagles (1): The only undefeated team in the league, arguably the most balanced team in the league, featuring MVP candidate Jalen Hurts. But if you sum up the success at the beginning of the season, how about this? Philadelphia has the most NFL records (10). as well as the least number of revolutions (2).

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2. Bills (3): They failed to set a regular season record for most consecutive double-digit wins, tying the existing mark of 20. Their three-point victory in Baltimore also ended a seven-game losing streak in games played with seven points or fewer. All things considered, a tight win that saw QB Josh Allen’s first comeback after a deficit of at least 17 points likely bodes well for these Super Bowl contenders going forward.

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3. Chiefs (5): Maybe a team with two defensemen (Clyde Edwards-Heler, Isaiah Pacheco) who average at least 5 yards should be running more than 41% of the time?

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4. Dolphins (2): It should be interesting to see this offense without quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, who will miss the fifth week since his (last?) concussion. But backup Teddy Bridgewater, who posted a 61+ yard finish on Thursday, is well positioned to take advantage of this team’s speed…assuming coach Mike McDaniel can also get him to play less conservatively.

5. Crows (4): After two games in Baltimore, they had already set an NFL single-season record for losing at home to a team with at least 17 points. No wonder coach John Harbaugh bet on glasses.

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6. Vikings (7): Unfortunately, literally a tough break for the first round of S Lewis Cine. His leg injury (a compound fracture, according to the NFL network) was so severe that he remains in London for surgery and the initial stages of recovery until he recovers enough to fly home.

7. Packers (8): Their first appearance in the International Series competition this Sunday (against the Giants) was also the first London match to feature two record-breaking teams.

8. Buccaneers (9): Sunday night was the second time Tampa Bay has raced six times or less in a game since QB Tom Brady arrived. No wonder the Bucks lost both.

9. Cowboys (10): Cooper Rush is the first quarterback in NFL history to win his first four starts, in each of which he exceeded 90.0 assists. (By the way, before we post it, it’s worth noting that Duck Prescott lost his initial NFL start before winning the next 11. His QB rating during that hot rookie streak was 114.3.)

10. Bengals (12): A record crowd of 67,260 gathered on Thursday evening at the Paycor Stadium for the successful presentation of the image of the White Bengal team. When you look good, they pay well in the thousands.

11.49ers (15): An already stellar defense got a good boost from sophomore S. Talanoa Houfanga, who had a 52-yard pick-six on Monday.

12. Rams (6): Their lack of depth, their inability to control the ball or get anything from Allen Robinson in WR2 is a real concern. Otherwise, the defending champions looked great.

13. Jaguars (11): The road warriors for three of the first four weeks, they will be the home team for four of the next five, although one of those games will be in London. It’s worth noting that, according to the DVOA, Jacksonville is the fourth-best team in the league.

14. Chargers (13): Quarterback Justin Herbert, grilled ribs and all, has a league-leading 312.5 yards per game, 105 more yards in a week than fellow Jacoby Brissett, who played the following Sunday.

15. Cardinals (18): DE JJ Watt is real. He played (well) on Sunday, just days after his heart went into atrial fibrillation. Luckily, he’s all right… and, more importantly, everything will be all right by the time his son arrives.

16. Giants (17): How little do they get from playing the game? RB Saquon Barkley and quarterback Daniel Jones account for 54% of the team’s yards from scrimmage – yes, that means Jones (193 yards) as a runner.

17. Falcons (25): We slept on Arthur Smith & Co. during the off-season but should have known better. Beat the Bucs roster this Sunday and Atlanta will completely take over the top spot in the NFC South.

18. Seahawks (31): Jeno Smith’s QB’s 77.3% completion rate is an NFL record for a team’s first four games in a season. WR DK Metcalf also throws it in the bucket at key moments.

19. Lions (14): They scored 140 points and lost 141. Keep up the good work and they will drop the league record by 599 points…but like Sunday, at least they will lose in a fun way.

20. Patriots (22): Despite their record (1-3) and likely to lose to rookie QB3 Bailey Zappa for the foreseeable future, they hold their own against some of the best in the league – the latest example being Sunday’s OT loss at Lambo Field. None of New England’s next six opponents are currently over .500.

21. Titans (27): Maybe all they had to do was get RB Derrick Henry to pass. He’s had eight receptions in the last two weeks – both wins – and is approaching 34 this season, nearly double his career best of 19.

22. Jets (28): They shared their first championship of the AFC North season 2-2. Damn good. Four of the next six games will be against rivals the AFC East, who would be wiser to no longer take the NYJ lightly.

23. Browns (19): Over the course of his career, Nick Chubb has averaged 5.3 yards per carry, better than any running back in league history except Jamaal Charles (5.4). This year, Chubb hit a career-best 5.7 per try, which aligns with the team’s decision to feed him more than ever, a record 20 times per game.

24. Raiders (29): CB Amick Robertson scored his first defensive touchdown in three years and Vegas returned to the winning column. Then a trip to Arrowhead, where Silver and Black have been in the win column once in the last nine seasons.

25. Steelers (20): Does it make sense to introduce rookie QB Kenny Pickett to the starting XI for the first time… at Buffalo?

26. Panthers (23): Based on ESPN’s QBR, Baker Mayfield (15.4) is clearly the league’s worst quarterback…hence the growing questions about when Carolina could hurt Sam Darnold in retaliation.

27. Saints (24): Four of their next five games are in the Superdome. It’s time for a team that shouldn’t be 1-3 despite an excessive number of key injuries.

28. Colts (16): It’s time to euthanize these horses, especially after L.B. Shaquille Leonard got a concussion? Wait, are we supposed to watch them Thursday night?

29. Broncos (21): It’s time to euthanize these horses, especially with RB Javonte Williams (knee) out for the season? Wait, are we supposed to watch them Thursday night?

30. Commanders (26): They look less competitive every week, and over the past two years, NFC East opponents have smoked out a collective 49-18.

31. Bears (30): It’s no wonder this team stinks, but Chicago allowing 183.3 yards a week – more than 10 more than the next worst team – is a surprise.

32. Texans (32): Now the only team in the league not to win, Houston is getting more and more from RB rookie Dameon Pierce, whose rushing increases on a weekly basis, including 131 yards (with a 75-yard TD) on Sunday.


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This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: NFL Power Ranking Week 5 2022: After the undefeated Eagles, who’s in second place?


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