Weekly rankings notes: Five new defensive 4-stars in 2024, plus an OT on Top247 watch

247Sports presents the latest edition of the Weekly Ranking Notes with more names to know in the 2024 recruiting cycle. The first large-scale update from mid-November to 2024 Top247 will arrive later this month, so the focus continues to be on this group, both inside and outside of this prestigious roster, as more recruits have established themselves as high-level prospects thanks to the data. athletics. performances at an elite camp, a 7v7 selection competition, and the ubiquitous film evaluation process.

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve added some new four-star stars in 2024. For convenience, if you missed these features, we’ll link them here: Numerous Top247 candidates and new 4 stars in 2024 || The new 4 stars for 2024 will be led by Sunshine State riders..

But that’s certainly not all we have on the ledger when March rolls around. Today’s ranking notes include more four-star candidates and the top 247 candidates in the class of 2024, as well as some up-and-coming three-star candidates that also caught our attention.

By the way, be sure Check out the feature of our first five-star car in the 2025 class.: attack tackle David Sanders from Charlotte (North Carolina) Providence Day School. The original 2025 Top 100 will expand to the full Top247 (and beyond) this spring, but Sanders’ performance at Under Armor Atlanta last weekend, accompanying what he’s been doing on the field for two years, his elite physique and his athletic background – Guaranteed an early upgrade to five-star status.

Without further ado, here’s a rundown of this week’s ranking notes. With more than a dozen updates launched, a major sports prospect from the Peach State has placed himself on the Top247 watch.


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