It took a while, and the Arkansas fans were sweating while he visited, but the five-star The Baye Affair finally committed Eric Musselman and Razorbacks on Tuesday. Fall gives them a recruit from High School #2 to accompany a four-star security guard. Leiden Blocker out of the class of 2023, moving them into the top 25 of the Team Composite rankings for 2023.

A key Arkansas target for some time, Fall is a 6-foot-10 Senegalese center who has played high school basketball at various stops in the Denver area, where he is currently finishing his senior year in fast track training.

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Fall, ranked 16th overall by 247Sports and 3rd in his position, was for some time considered one of the best big men in his class. So what are its strengths? Weak sides? And most importantly, how can he get on the floor and help the Boars?

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First of all, Fall is an athlete. He runs across the floor like a sprinter, with long strides and in a hurry reaches his maximum speed. He flies to the basket to complete crosses in transition, he uses offensive rebounding opportunities and he has very good lateral speed. These athletic abilities created problems for others at the high school level. He’s too fast for most, gets off the floor faster than most, and has amazing instincts when it comes to tracking down lost balls.

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He’s averaging 16 points, 11 rebounds and 3 blocks per game for Acceleration at the start of the season, and his athletic ability plays a big role in that. Fall has developed a good jumping hook and he is great at throwing fouls, which suggests he has hope to develop his game facing the rim.

Maybe that’s where there’s a slight difference between a Fall that can leave a mark on play around the rim and someone who likes to play facing the rim and makes himself a lot more protected.

Fall showed enough glimpses of face-up play to suggest that he could develop it over time. However, he seems to sometimes want to put the cart before the horse and sometimes limits his effectiveness because he hangs around the perimeter trying to prove he’s a face-up guy or a wing. He already faces a disadvantage in the territory of power – an important area that needs to be addressed once he arrives on campus – but he makes life even more difficult for himself when he plays to his strengths and tries to do too much behind the perimeter. Yes, he can still use his speed to get past the clumsier big men, but his manipulation is just fine and by playing on the perimeter, he handles smaller teams much more easily.

How quickly he can make an impact on Arkansas will largely depend on how he chooses to play. Most likely, Musselman and his team will encourage him to run around the court, defend the ring and play energetically on the lane. When he does this regularly, he can afford to face the basket and take jump shots here and there, and this will be an incentive that the staff can use to get Fall to play to his strengths.

It is clear that he is very talented and has a high ceiling for improvement. If Fall listens to the coaches’ advice and plays to his strengths, he can make a very big impact from the moment he sets foot on campus. However, he is not a ready-made player and, along with adapting to the physical characteristics of college basketball, taking a long look in the mirror and evaluating what works and what doesn’t will play a huge role in both his early and long term. success.