What drivers said at Las Vegas Motor Speedway Winners and losers at Las Vegas Motor Speedway Josh Berry finishes 29th for Chase Elliott at Las Vegas NASCAR Cup Series results: William Byron wins at Las Vegas William Byron wins NASCAR Cup Series race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Here’s what riders are saying after Sunday’s Cup race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway:

William Byron – Winner: “I felt we had a good car in training. I was a little nervous about the wind today and how it would change what we had and whether we would be as strong but just a consensus I guess in the garage and then talking to some of the drivers they were quite we are sure what is going on. I was happy about it. Yes, a good start to the race. I thought Kyle (Larson) was really strong. He was able to stay by my side for many runs in the first and second stages and I felt like I was getting a little tense but just trying to navigate the flow of laps and navigate the wind and how that would change the handling. Just happy to get the first win of the year. It’s been a long time since we won. It’s been almost a year and it’s nice to just get back to what I think we’re capable of. There have been ups and downs, but I feel like this is what we are capable of every week. … I speak on behalf of everyone that we miss Chase (Elliott) here. He contributes a lot to the feedback and our reports and he is a great rider. There is something to offer. I think there was a void there but I think we were able to fill it by just coming together as a team and Josh joined us, he’s obviously a great rider too and I know him from the past. … It was an important day. I definitely felt it. I texted[team owner Rick Hendrick]after practice and I really enjoyed the car and I just wanted to make sure we go there and try to win for him because it’s been a tough week.”

Kyle Larson – Took 2nd place: “This is just part of cup racing. It seems that (count) circles down, circle after circle, and then, of course, yellow lights come on. Yes, you just have to get over it and then try to make a good pit stop and I thought I did a really good job getting to my sign and getting to the commitment line, I had a gap with William behind me. and their gang must have just done a very good job and stepped out in front of us and it gave way to us in the front row. I knew that I had problems with (Martin Truex Jr.) to stay aside. I felt that William was going to bypass him. Yeah, it’s just a bummer that we didn’t win, but overall William probably had a slightly better car than I have today and their pit crew did everything they needed in the end.”

Alex Bowman – Finished 3rd place “I think I pushed us too hard in the third stage and just tried to be very aggressive and succeed in the last restart. Yes, I tried, just a couple of rows back to start. But I’m really proud of Hendrick Motorsports. Being one, two, three is really cool. Our Allied Camaro was really good, especially the Stage 2. Maybe they just asked for the wrong settings. I’m just thrilled with how the year has started and hopefully we’ll keep the momentum going next week in Phoenix.

Bubba Wallace – Finished 4th: “I really thought that in the race our car is much better than in practice. We just couldn’t get the interface to work and we tried everything. We went the other way on the air, went the other way on the air and just never figured it out, so we have a lot of work to do for our mile and a half stuff. Happy for our Columbia Toyota Camry TRD team. Never stop fighting and never give up. I almost came up on the radio and said, “Hey, well done, we finished sixth.” Then the warning came out and I perked up again and got some.”

Christopher Bell – Ranked fifth “Honestly, the ending was as good as we could have expected. … Strange day for us because we started and I felt very good and went straight into the top five and I didn’t feel like I had anything for Hendrik’s cars. It seemed like we were the best of the rest, and then we lost control.”

Austin Sindrik – Ranked 6th “Honestly, it’s a bit of a team effort. Definitely did not have the strength at the beginning of the race. In the second stage, we definitely rolled back a little further. We were lucky, to be honest, thanks to the pit crew who were able to pull us forward. Gently coming out… just making the car better all day. It felt like we had earned a top 15 from the depths of hell for a while, but ran two tires on the restart, got off to a good start and were able to get into position in the green-white-checkered. So, some strategy, some good pit stops – some good restarts on my part and a good recovery. In such things, you need to run ahead to count on winning, but when we don’t have it, it’s good to know that we can bounce back.

Martin Truex Jr. – Finished 7th: “If you can somehow get a good restart, get to the white flag, and they fly out, then you win the case. It almost happened. We were second on the white, we were second in turn 1 on the last lap, but we just twisted and got into trouble on the exit of turn 2 and lost speed at the end. … Never could get it where we need it. I think we were talking about a third place car, maybe a fourth. Just a good, strong day. We’re in Vegas, we could roll the dice and like everyone says we come here to gamble. I was proud of James (Small, crew chief) for that. Last year we didn’t and it bit us. We lost a few seats, but overall it was a good day.”

Justin Hailey – Finished 8th: “Today we had a really good car for a long run and this is our Fontana car. We are one of three teams, three separate vehicles, that have repaired our stuff and delivered it this week. I take pride in the effort and perseverance. On this thing, the body was hung in the snow in Fontana a few days ago. This is very cool for our small team. I appreciate Matt (Cowlig), Chris (Rice) and all the people at Leaf Filter. It was a good result for us, especially at the start of the season we had.”

Daniel Suarez – Finished 10th: “It was a roller coaster. We had a fast car all day. Some runs were better than others. At times it seemed to me that we have a machine capable of fighting for victory. For some reason I felt like we had a slightly odd set of tires and we lost a bit of track position. Then we unsuccessfully stopped at the last one and lost a few more seconds. It was a bit difficult because we had to overcome a lot. But in general, the car had speed, and it could enter the top five. It’s very promising.”

Ryan Blaney – Finished 13th: “We didn’t start well. We fought very hard in the first two stages. Thought we got a little better on the last two runs. I think we were about eighth before the last warning, started the race back and just went back. It’s unfortunate. We worked hard all day to get faster. The last pit stops after the restart didn’t go our way.”

Kyle Bush – Finished 14th: “I am proud of everyone at Richard Childress Racing for their hard work today. We started fifth in our Alsco Chevrolet and immediately struggled with handling. Crew chief Randall Burnett and his guys worked all day to improve the handling of our Chevy, but long green flag runs limited our options. When we got past the pit lane, team 8 stepped in and secured a spot for us on the pit road. We just never managed to achieve the balance necessary to fight for victory. We’ll take that 14th place, regroup and focus on Phoenix Raceway.”

Eric Jones – Finished 19th: “Not the finish we deserve today. The guys gave me a fast Allegiant Chevy and we rode very well, even making our way into the top 10. Unfortunately we fell behind and made some adjustments to free our car in traffic but ended up being too relaxed to when we were out in the open air. We had tire problems late, which put us behind and had an accident on the last lap. We just need to clean up and come back stronger next week in Phoenix.”

Austin Dillon – Finished 27th: “We started the race deeper than either of us would have preferred and the long green flag runs at the start of the race got in the way of working on handling issues. We just didn’t hit the balance today. At the end of the first race we were pretty good. It’s just too loose. Then our Chevy pulled up and I couldn’t handle bumps well. We saved what we could. We were damaged in a multi-car accident on the last lap, but luckily we were able to finish the race. I had nowhere to go. It’s been a tough day, but this team has a lot of struggle ahead. I look forward to returning to Phoenix Raceway.”

Josh Berry – Finished 29th: “It was a lot of fun. I actually thought the first half of the race went pretty well. We were very close, right on the verge of staying on the lead lap or not. We just needed a couple more warnings to give ourselves more chances. In the second half of the race, we had a problem with the throttle or something, because every time I let off the gas, it stuck wide open. I was just trying to get him home and keep him out of trouble. “

Noah Gragson – Finished 30th: A day of ups and downs. I felt like we had good speed, I just lost a couple of laps at the first pit stop, accelerated on pit road, made mistakes and overspeeded again due to a pass penalty during the first green flag pit stop, and it put us behind everyone. day. … I felt that we had good speed, just a couple of laps behind. We will continue to work on it.”

Joey Logano – Finished 36th: “Given how we’ve been here in the past, you’d kind of expect productivity to be a bit higher today than we’ve had. Just from the overall speed. Our balance was somewhat close – just not fast. We should be back to the drawing board when we get back here. (On if Brad Keselowski pinched him a bit in the incident) Yes, I pinched him. I’m sure he didn’t want to do it. This…


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