What Kansas can expect from top-30 commit Marcus Adams Jr. — and when he might arrive

Recruitment of 29th place in the 2024 ranking among juniors Marcus Adams Jr. showed some last minute twists but Bill Self and Kansas showed up with a commitment of nearly 6 foot 8 forwards Tuesday night.

So, what does the Harbor City (CA) Narbonne product have to offer Lawrence, and more importantly, Kansas fans, when he signs up?

Let’s start with the Adams game.

Completely out of the national spotlight until last fall, Adams burst onto the scene with some monstrous performances in various leagues in Southern California during the preseason. He is a big striker who can also play as a 4-man and has shown the ability to create and execute deep jumps, break glass and finish over the hoop in traffic.

Over the course of the season, Adams showed that his offensive ability was no fluke. 247Sports was able to evaluate him in person during the season and we were impressed with his overall size, his ability to play multiple places at the forefront and long-term growth potential. To be clear, this is the benefit that stands out.

While Adams posted monstrous numbers during the high school season – he even had a game with 50 points and 20 rebounds – he didn’t always play against the highest level of competition Southern California has to offer. In the spring and summer, he has not yet participated in mass competitions at a high level. Because of this, it is still a bit rough around the edges. He can be a little loose with the ball, can turn up his intensity from time to time, and as a guy who keeps his emotions up his sleeve, he can learn not to let negative play affect him for too long.

In the end, however, talent is talent, and there is no doubt that Adams is talented. He plays with confidence, has a strong personality, and is obsessed with proving that he not only deserves the high rating he has earned over the season, but deserves an even higher rating. It is also worth noting that his younger brother Maximo Adams A 6-foot-6 talented striker with a smooth jump who is one of the best players 247Sports has seen so far in the class of 2026.

Kansas is in danger of losing both Grady Dick and Jalen Wilson in the offseason. They could certainly use the high wing that can play in and out to help fill in the holes these two leave. When 247Sports spoke to Adams Jr. on Tuesday, he said he had not yet decided whether he would enter 2023 – his natural class – or whether he would still take the prep year he planned. take.

For now, Adams plans to play a massive ball game with the Compton Magic, and he’ll find out if it’s in 2023 or 2024, sometime in late May or early June. Kansas will pick him up when they can, but given their most pressing needs, the sooner they can get him on campus the better, and while nothing’s officially known yet, it won’t be a surprise if Adams wears Kansas uniforms next season.


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