With the 2023 NBA trade deadline less than a month away, there hasn’t been much trading activity in the 2022-23 NBA regular season.

In fact, there has only been one trade since the start of the season on October 18, and that was earlier this month when the Boston Celtics sent Noah Wonlech to the San Antonio Spurs to reduce the luxury tax (Wonlech was immediately turned down by the San Antonio ).

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However, after a summer of several All-Stars being traded, February 9th could see another trade deadline. To help you prepare, we’ve broken down what to watch for all 15 teams in the Eastern Conference: what steps they can take, what we’re hearing, front office trading stories, and trading restrictions to watch out for.

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We have also identified one trade that we would like to see from each team before the deadline.

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Our guide to the Western Conference comes out on Wednesday.

Note. Teams have $6.4 million in cash to send and receive in exchange unless otherwise noted.

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