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What we know about Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa’s head, neck injuries

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MIAMI GARDENS, Florida. Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is battling concussion symptoms like headaches and on Friday after being ruled out with head and neck injuries against the Cincinnati Bengals the night before.

Tagovailoa was released from a Cincinnati hospital late Thursday and flew home on a team plane, where coach Mike McDaniel and his Dolphin teammates were thrilled to be in his presence.

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Tagovailoa sat next to McDaniel and watched the cult comedy MacGruber on Tagovailoa’s phone on the flight home.

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“I think he was just happy to be with his teammates. And all his teammates were so excited,” McDaniel said on Friday. “It was a scary, scary situation for all of us.”

Teammates gather around Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa following his injury on Thursday night.
Teammates gather around Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa following his injury on Thursday night.
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Here’s what we know about Tua Tagovailoa’s health:

What happened to Tua Tagovailoa on Thursday night?

Tagovailoa was sacked and dropped to the turf by Bengals defenseman Josh Tupou with 5:43 left in the second quarter. Tagovailoa stood motionless on the lawn with his fingers severed in a frightening scene. Tagovailoa was taken off the field on a stretcher and never returned. He was taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center with head and neck injuries and did have movement in all of his limbs.

McDaniel said after the game that Tagovailoa had been assessed for a concussion and was on concussion protocol. He was being treated for head and neck injuries, and after being released from the hospital, he was seen in the stadium wearing a neck brace.

What is the backstory of Tua Tagovailoa?

Last weekTagovailoa appeared to have injured his head in the second quarter when he was pushed to the ground Buffalo Bills midfielder Matt Milano. From impact Tagovailoa hit his head on the lawn. He struggled to his feet before stumbling on the ground again.

Surprisingly, Tagovailoa returned to the game after the team claimed he passed NFL concussion protocol. The Dolphins later stated that Tagovailoa suffered back and ankle injuries while playing with the Bills.

As a result of the game of the 3rd week NFLPA announces it will launch an investigation in processing the concussion assessment of Tagovailoa. Tagovailoa has been placed on the list of doubtful with back and ankle injuries Thursday night.

What did McDaniel say about Dolphin protocols?

McDaniel, who first became a head coach after 15 years in the NFL, understands how Tagovailoa’s injury is playing out on the national stage and the related questions he received after Thursday’s Bengals game and during his Friday press conference.

“The time of it all. How things were. I buy optics. I understand exactly what it looks like. I understand all of this and I understand people’s concerns,” McDaniel said. “But the only thing I can pour out with 100 percent certainty is that every person in this building had 100 percent correct process, diligence, and therefore there is no player or person in the building that you can talk to. . who would think otherwise, because it is clear, contrite, and not something that is a reverse form or form.”

What did the Dolphins say about Tagovailoa’s injury against the Bills? Why was he allowed to play?

The Dolphins contend that while Tagovailoa did hit the back of his head during a Bills game and it was announced he could not return due to a head injury, he did not have a head injury after a medical examination – as he did during a Bills game. “, and before the “Bengals”. the game.

“The whole process of what happened in the game with the Bills, he was immediately assessed for a head injury. For this we brought him to the tent, for this we took him aside. It was reviewed and then approved by several layers of medical professionals. I don’t claim to be one of them,” McDaniel said. “These people, their totality, cleared him of any head injury whatsoever. He had back and ankle problems.”

McDaniel said he saw no sign that Tagovailoa had any lingering consequences from the headbutt ahead of the Bengal game.

“I keep in touch with this guy every day. We’re talking high-level football conversations about progression and defense, as well as reminiscing about the events of two weeks ago. And he, forced to repeat the call to the game of 15 words – all things, absolutely no signs. From all the resources, there was no medical indication that something was in relation to the head,” McDaniel said.

McDaniel also reiterated that if Tagovailoa had any signs of a lingering injury prior to the Bengals game, he would not have played.

“If there was anything left with his head, I wouldn’t be able to reconcile myself with prematurely exposing someone and putting them in danger,” McDaniel said. “This is the relationship I had with this person. I take it seriously. I wouldn’t put him up there if he had any intentions, if he was putting himself in danger because of the previous game.”

What did Tagovailoa say?

The quarterback tweeted on Friday afternoon that he is “feeling much better and focused on recovery so I can get back on the field with my teammates.” He thanked the people for the support and care he received.

What’s New in the NFLPA Investigation?

The NFLPA announced Thursday night that their investigation into whether the dolphins committed a violation of concussion protocol is ongoing.

What is the timeline for the return of Tagovailoa?

McDaniel said Tagovailoa asked the question, wondering about upcoming games he might miss. But McDaniel says he quickly cut off any football talks with Tagovailoa.

“I thought, ‘Tua, let’s stop this right now. Don’t even think about the game. Let’s just think about doing the right thing to listen, get the opinions you want, and let’s worry about you and your head and being a healthy person. We’ll take care of football later.”

McDaniel has yet to consider Tagovailoa’s potential return or whether he will be placed on short-term injury reserve to recover from a concussion.

The Dolphins’ next game will be on October 9 against the New York Jets.

“The most honest and candid thing I can do is that I literally don’t have a schedule and don’t even think about it,” McDaniel said. “That’s where I would feel irresponsible even thinking about it.”

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