Of the 46 incomplete college recruits ranked in the Sportzshala 300 from the Class of 2023, 21 are from Florida or Texas.

These two states tend to be filled with high quality recruits year after year. This year, 67 Sportzshala 300 recruits came from Florida and 43 from Texas. It’s not surprising to see such a large pool of talented candidates, but with so many pending recruits left, these two states could help shape several classes of recruiters over the next few months.

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Some of the high-profile recruits from both states are ready to announce their commitments, and some are getting closer to their decisions. We break down seven notable prospects from these states, the schools they’re considering, and predict where they might be when they make their commitment.

DB Cormany McClain

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Sportzshala 300 rating: 4 | Lakeland, Florida

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Teams in the mix: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Miami

McClain is the best cornerback in the class and the best prospect in the state of Florida. He is a prospect at 6ft 2in, weighing 165lbs and five-star in his class. He considered Alabama, BYU, Florida, Georgia, Miami, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, among others, but will likely focus on Alabama, Florida, and Miami for now.