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Which mid-round WR should managers target?

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In Sportzshala’s Fantasy Football Prediction, Andy Behrens and Scott Pianovski explore a pair of mid-round receivers in Baltimore’s Rashod Bateman and Buffalo’s Gabe Davis.

Video transcript

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ANDY BERENS: I want to throw away another receiver. Only one. And this is a guy who didn’t even spin much last year. There were some moments, a little flare, never gave us a monster week, but he’s just absolutely determined. Assuming the Ravens don’t do something really bold, assuming the Ravens don’t…

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SCOTT PIANOVSKY: I thought you were going there.

ANDY BERENS: Yes, assuming the Crows don’t… I don’t know. I think Tyler Lockett and D.K. Metcalfe may still be on the wanted list. But if the Ravens’ receiving corps stays the same, I don’t know how Rashod Bateman won’t leave this year. The player I’m… a bit of my favorite player, obviously.

Last season he played only 12 games, he started slowly, because he was injured all September-October. Finished with just over 500 receiving yards for the year, only scored once, but again – and then he had limited time, right, in the last half of the season with Lamar, because Lamar Jackson also had an injury.

But Marquise Brown is no more. Sammy Watkins, sort of a player highlight, I think, in recent years, but he’s also gone. And this combination leaves almost 200 targets to capture. Many of them went to Bateman. I don’t know how much more Andrews can take, right? So, expectations from Bateman last year – it goes without saying that I will be a little more active with him. And you?

SCOTT PIANOVSKY: Yes, this is a rare disagreement with us, and I’m not exactly banging on the table. But since ADP with Bateman expects him to improve… look, we got it. released targets. That they let go of Hollywood. And again, receivers play different roles and they do different things well, so it’s not like comparing apples to apples. But they obviously foresee Bateman’s second-year promotion.

Of course, the role will expand. They hoped he would be healthy all season. I’m just worried that he didn’t play that much last year. In his final season in Minnesota, he appeared in limited games. He was really productive when he played, but he only played five games for Minnesota that year. So we’re going back a few years since he really was a destructive guy. I just don’t like that you have to take a significant step forward in his production to draft him, so I probably won’t get Bateman this year.

Because I just think it’s one of those… he’s become a bit of a hipster. And I don’t know. I’m just allergic to buzz. I’m allergic to hipster picks. And I don’t think I’ll have much of it, but everything you say is plausible. I cannot say that you are wrong about this. I just don’t want to embed it in his ADP. And right now I feel like it’s happening to some extent.

ANDY BERENS: Can I just ask if you feel the same way because these guys go to the same places in a lot of the drafts I’ve been in. Do you feel the same way about Gabe Davis? Because Gabe Davis… obviously, we saw his monstrous performance in the playoffs. Davis has the potential to make a lot of fantastic noise. He’s definitely shone more than Bateman has in his pro career, but that doesn’t mean we’ve ever had a monster season from Davis. And he’s also a guy who has a significant jump in him.

SCOTT PIANOVSKY: That’s a great question and a great comp. If we were talking two months ago and were expecting there to be some vigorous bidding for Gabe Davis and you might have had to elbow a little, I would have said, “OK, I’ll mix up the elbows. But I feel like it’s like a Filene’s Basement sale where there’s one wedding dress that’s really worth $1500 for $35 and about 10 women attack each other over it.

I think Gabe Davis’ prices have gotten ridiculous to the point where I just… I mean, look, he’s never going to be the number one recipient. We know it. People want… they want to be first. And wanting to be first before Bateman or first before Davis and him… Last year he did it in the playoffs. He really wasn’t that good in the regular fantasy season. It’s just a shiny new toy for Davis. I think that means he will be re-drafted a bit.

And I thought Davis would be at least middleweight this year, maybe even a little overweight. I think that in reality things will go differently. I think the market has made Gabe Davis too happy. And there are plenty of mouths to feed in the Buffalo attack. They do have the best fantasy quarterback though, but he’s going to beat some of them.

And what if protection… they will be given preference every week. What if they control some games, and then okay, let’s just freeze this game with a running attack. Josh, today you will only make 25 passes, today 30 passes. They may have such games. I think Gabe Davis is made to… I don’t think he’s going to fail anyway. But I think right now he’s set to frustrate the imagination.


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