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White Sox offense quiet, Michael Kopech wild in loss to Orioles

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Sox sightings: wild kopecks, quiet bats originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

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One night, after smashing the ball with nothing to show for the Oriole’s impressive defense, White socks resentment failed again. On Friday, it was because they didn’t get it right despite a pitch match that looked appetizing on paper. Michael Kopech, meanwhile, was wild and let the Orioles run and run and run on base lanes. The result was a 4-1 loss that wasn’t particularly competitive as the White Sox fell three games under .500.

Orioles take off

The Orioles apparently saw something in the intelligence report that suggested they could grab free bases from Michael Kopech because they were running early and often on Friday night. The biggest horrors were Richie Martin and Jorge Mateo, who each had two stolen bases. Kopech seemed content to focus on hitters rather than baserunners, because once Martin did it almost halfway between second and third without Kopech noticing. Aggressive base running directly resulted in two of the Orioles’ three runs. Early in the game, Cedric Mullins was in second place, allowing him to move up to third after Trey Mancini’s next touchdown. A few pitches later, Kopech threw the ball at point-blank range and Mullins ran home. In the second inning, Mateo stole second after being hit by a pitch. This gave him the opportunity to hit Martin’s single slugger later.


Kopech didn’t leave a single step above the plate’s heart to be squashed for Friday’s home runs. In fact, he didn’t get hit very hard at all and only lost two singles and one double in six innings. However, he was his own worst enemy as the Orioles quickly pulled ahead. Kopech was wild and only hit 53.8% of his innings, well below his 61.8% average in Friday’s game. This resulted in four walks and one field hit. We’ve already gone through a wild pitch that scored a run. But the mistake that will hurt the most is the blocking Kopek made on Adley Rutchman at third base. This allowed Rutchman to return home free of charge, and had he not done so, the streak would not have been counted as there were no other pranks that subsequently fixed the streak.

WHITE SOX bats silenced

On paper, Friday night looked like an opportunity for fans to see fireworks during and after the game. The White Sox lost when they smoked the ball into the warning lane several times and were to face starter Austin Voth, who came into the game with an 8.39 ERA and 2.027 WHIP. But the Sox barely got any offense out of him, scoring one run with just one hit. Never mind, the White Sox had another chance against pitcher Brian Baker, who came in with a 5.60 ERA and 1,537 WHIP. Except that the Sox hit a stalemate again and lost four up and four down to Baker. After all, the White Sox managed just one hit and three baserunners on Friday. No one made it to base after the third inning.

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