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Who are the Giants’ QB options with Daniel Jones, Tyrod Taylor injured? The available choices aren’t pretty

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The New York Giants have their best start in 11 years but are in dire straits with the quarterback situation as they head to London in their fifth week to face the Green Bay Packers. Daniel Jones is battling an ankle injury that can keep him out of the way this weekand Tyrod Taylor is on the concussion report.

With Jones and Taylor likely unavailable, the Giants have Davis Webb on the practice team and he is predicted to be called up to start Sunday. However, New York will need another quarterback to support Webb.

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“We’ll probably pick up a few quarterbacks,” Giants head coach Brian Daball said on Monday. “Whether we sign them or not, I think it depends on some of these guys here.”

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What does Jones need to play on Sunday? Daball isn’t jumping to conclusions just yet, but he’s bracing himself for the scenario that Webb could be his QB1 this week.

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“I’m just going to take him every day and see how he feels,” Daball said of Jones. “If he can train and get on the field and do what we want him to do, great. If he needs a day, he needs a day. I think it’s different for all these guys.”

“Obviously he played a lot of football. I trust him and where he is. I just think that we, as the coaching staff, should keep a good eye on him, evaluate him, get all the necessary information to get to make the best decision for him and the team, as much as possible.

What are the Giants’ options for a potential starter and backup on Sunday if Jones and Taylor can’t leave? The closet is bare.

Davis Webb (starter)

Webb is leading as he has been on the practice team all season and is essentially the No. 3 quarterback. The former third-round pick has only played seven snaps in his NFL career and has never passed.

“Davis has been on our offense for quite some time,” Daboll said. “He knows all the ins and outs of it, so if he has to play we will do our best and I know what he will do to be ready to play.”

Daball doesn’t seem to be convinced yet that Webb can be a starter. Remember that other teams can sign him from their practice squad to their active roster if they want to.

“As far as where we are at the moment, I don’t think we are at this stage to make a decision,” Daboll said. “We’ll let it play out.”

AJ McCarron (backup)

McCarron was with DaBall in 2018 when DaBall was offensive coordinator in Buffalo. He was traded to the Oakland Raiders in September, but spent the entire off-season and training camp with the Bills. The Giants invited McCarron to practice over the NFL network.

McCarron started four games in his NFL career and threw 174 passes. He completed 62.6% of passes for 1,173 yards with six touchdowns and three interceptions (86.7 rating). He has not played in a game since the 2020 season.

Matt Barkley (substitute)

Another Bills link is here. Barkley was with the Buffalo from the 2018 to 2020 seasons and is currently on the Bills’ practice team. He spent three years on Daball’s offense, completing 54.6% of his passes for 788 yards with three touchdowns and four interceptions, earning a 74.6 rating.

Barkley knows what an attack is, so he will be a reliable help in an emergency.

Cam Newton (backup)

If the Giants want the quarterback to just pass the ball, sure. Newton is just a name at this point in his career and is not exactly a player that rebuilding teams usually sign, even if that team is 3-1 up and running in the NFC East race.

Newton is a free agent for a reason.


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