Who’s the better fantasy option for 2023 drafters: Jalen Hurts or Patrick Mahomes?

The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Philadelphia Eagles to win the Super Bowl, but I think I can speak for all fantasy fans when I say, imagine if this was a fantasy season game—especially for the quarterbacks?

Both Patrick Mahomes And Jalen Hurts put on an absolute show in the Super Bowl. Mahomes threw three passing points and added another 44 yards on the ground. And while Hurts was on the losing side in that game, he effectively outplayed Mahomes in the fantasy area, running 15 times for 70 yards and three touchdowns, adding another 304 yards in the air along with the score.

This is what fantasy is made of.

Now imagine you are drafting for the 2023 draft and looking for a quarterback. You suddenly realize that both Mahomes and Hurts are on the table; you have a choice (don’t let the power go to your head).

Who would you take? WHO must You took? Matt Harmon and Scott Pianovski discuss it in the video above.

For Matt, the choice ultimately falls on Mahomes, as his ceiling and floor are just incredibly safe, but also, in general, incredible. Of course, we saw a massive Hurts ceiling in the Super Bowl, which is why Matt took the Hurts into a one-game daily fantasy situation. But that same ceiling leaves the Hurts vulnerable to injury, as we’ve seen in the past regular season. This makes Mahomes the safer choice for him.

Scott agrees, and he also agrees that Mahomes has proven himself to be a super-elite option no matter who he throws to. The Hurts, on the other hand, had an all-star duo of wide receivers. DeVonta Smith And AJ Brown this season, not to mention the talented tight end in Dallas Goedert. Meanwhile, Mahomes seemed to be throwing to random guys outside of All-World TE every week. Travis Kelsey.

So, with all of that, who would you rather have in fantasy QB in 2023?


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