Why Kentucky basketball fell from No. 1 to Big Dance bubble; fact-checking anonymous coach’s UK barbs

The NCAA tournament in Kentucky is looking to life support after Saturday’s 75-68 loss to Georgia. Kentucky is just 16-9 overall and 7-5 in SEC play. According to KenPom, this is far from the team that opened the season and is considered the best team in the country.

“They have a staffing issue,” said one anonymous SEC coach. Athletic Seth Davis. “They just don’t have such explosive players. Cason Wallace was a really good replacement for them as point guard. When you have it, it’s three guys who can throw the ball along with CJ Fredrick and Antonio Reeves. They need these guys to stretch the defense. Oscar Chibwe is still going to get what he gets, but they still haven’t been able to come up with a solution when the teams shut down his man for 40 minutes. He doesn’t know how to defend it. If Fredrik and Reeves don’t get three-point shots, Tshibwe’s chances will narrow. The teams game plan is to get these guys out of the three-point line. When all three of these guys are throwing, they can beat anyone.”

Kentucky is just 1-7 in Quad 1 games, and a home loss to South Carolina adds an ugly Quad 4 failure to the Cats’ fleeting resume.

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Let’s check the facts raised by the opposing coach by diving into the Kentucky analytics.


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