Why trading the NFL draft’s No. 1 pick is a big win for Bears

Matt Harmon of Sportzshala Sports explains why Chicago made the right move, losing first place to Carolina for two first-round picks, two second-round picks and WR DJ Moore.

Video transcript


We knew that the bears were catching offers on the first overall peak. Well, it turns out the Panthers are hooked. And they bit the thing pretty hard with a huge trade offer in Chicago – two first round picks, a second round this year, a future second round and, most importantly for our purposes here and now, wide receiver DJ Moore.

Now, I guess the first question from the bears and DJ Moore here is, will this be a Justin Fields AJ Brown type deal? We saw what the superstar wide receiver did for Jalen Hurts last year, did for the entire Eagles offense. I think this is the best move they could make in the receiver market this year.

DJ Moore, in my opinion, is not at the same level of player as AJ Brown. However, there was no one even close to being the number one recipient in the broad market of free agent recipients. In the market available to the Bears, there was no clear logical guy like Brown, or, of course, Tyreke Hill like Davante Adams. And even in the draft, I think there might be one high-level, number one type of wide receiver that I can set up and forget from day one, but the Bears weren’t going to be within reach to get this guy. at least in the draft. So they get the best guy they could possibly have here in DJ Moore.

I love the DJ Moore fitting with Justin Fields. I think he’s going to be a trail runner, a guy who can win short to medium trails that Justin Fields hasn’t really worked with so far in his NFL career. And I think you can really easily argue that this is going to be the best defender DJ Moore has ever worked with. I think this is very good news for him.

As for Carolina, they go up to the first pick. They’re obviously going to do it for the franchise quarterback. We don’t know who this guy is, but the only thing I have right now for the Carolina Panthers is if we’re going to just copy and paste our…whose Justin Fields tweets…you know who he dumps? to the tweets that we’ve had this Carolina quarterback for the last couple of years? This position needs a complete overhaul, in my opinion, after the DJ Moore trade. None of the guys here are positioning themselves as a clear starting player left in the Carolinas.


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