Will Commanders make a play for Lamar Jackson?

Here’s what was said on PFT live, #PFTPM and many other shows. I recently realized that this was not mentioned here.

The Commanders may attack Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson.

The light first came on after the commanders hired Eric Beniemi. Coach Ron Rivera admitted in an interview with PFT Live on Super Bowl Week that Sam Howell was QB1. Rivera has made it clear that a year after the Commanders literally called every other team to see if they had a quarterback in exchange, the Commanders won’t be looking for a veteran starter.

Of course, that was before the Ravens gave Jackson a qualified chance to enter the open market through a non-exclusive franchise.

Clearly, Lamar is a better option than Howell from a football standpoint. Jackson will be much more expensive and the question will be whether the investment makes sense for the team in terms of overall lineup building and marginal/cash distribution. From a football point of view, he clearly would have made Commander better.

And if owner Daniel Snyder sells (or if he ends up not selling), the addition of Jackson would be the perfect bright, shiny object to distract from the ongoing controversy. If it makes the team better, the attitude towards Snyder will change, whether he stayed there or not.

If it sells and if the team improves under new management, people will tend to trust the new owner. But if Snyder adds Jackson before Snyder comes out, it will be impossible not to give Snyder credit for this move.

Giving Jackson a fully guaranteed deal (which the Ravens would most likely have disagreed with) would also mean the new owners would get the bulk of the bill. And this most likely will not affect the purchase price. Anyone who owns a team will have payout and cash obligations. Jackson will simply be part of the player’s payroll for the new owner.

Next is the most interesting moment. With fully guaranteed contracts for veteran players currently frowned upon, Snyder can give his future partners a giant middle finger as he rides his superyacht into the sunset.

So yes, it makes sense for Snyder to explore this on multiple levels. Frankly, it makes too much sense not to use this opportunity.


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