SAN ANTONIO. The week in Alamo City for the 22nd annual All-American Bowl was a busy one, with many of the nation’s top players performing at the highest level on the biggest high school football stage.

Let’s go over a few things that caught my attention.

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MVP: Dante Moore

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During the week, I spent a lot of time talking with Detroit (Michigan) head coach Ty Spencer, who was an assistant coach on the East team staff. He said that one of the reasons his five-star star quarterback Dante Moore decided to transfer from Oregon to UCLA because of his chance of eventually winning a kickoff job as a real freshman. And with the way Moore performed at Lone Star State, he certainly proved that he has all the tools to become an instant powerhouse player in Westwood.

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At 6’2 1/2″ tall and 215 pounds, Moore put in the best play I’ve ever seen (my experience goes back to 2007) of any prospect in the history of the game, completing 14 of 19 passes for 156 yards and four touchdowns . He threw a 29-meter rope with pressure in his face to Carnell Tate on six, threw one in the bucket to Brandon Inniss for another scoring shot and landed a 15-yard shot Jalen Brown to get it rolling on the first possession of the game. Whether in the game or on the training ground, Moore was calm when under pressure, well-versed in the pocket and had a great sense of set offense and where to go with the football. In this setting, and at the Elite 11 Finals in the summer, where he was named 247Sports MVP, Moore showed the pure talent that the position is coveted.

In addition to these physical attributes, Moore brings a championship vibe to Westwood. He’ll enlist early, not far from winning his second straight state championship. He played in three title games as a starter at the prep level in four years, throwing for nearly 10,000 yards and throwing for 135 touchdowns. Moore made 11 interceptions as a freshman and only nine in the next three seasons.

Moore proved again and again in his high school career that the stage wasn’t too big, and he closed this chapter with a bang. As this month marks the last time we update Top247 in the 2023 cycle, Moore is on the short list when it comes to who could be #1.

Miami signers to have immediate impact on Coral Gables

Hurricanes head coach Mario Cristobal told 247Sports several times over the past months that Miami will soon be like Miami again.

As the Hurricanes’ sophomore head coach works to turn his alma mater into a championship contender, he has some real freshmen to count on in a five-star offensive tackle. Samson Okunlola and Top247 recruits in the receiver Nathaniel Joseph and running back Mark Fletcher.

Okunlola is 6ft 5in and weighs 305lbs and is one of the gems of the Miami class, which is ranked 4th nationally, the highest-ranked Hurricanes class in 247Sports history since 2010. He was one of the most consistent, if not you the most consistent performer in his position during the practice week. Okunlola was a steady force at the point of attack, twitching fast with good feet, a strong run blocker who always seemed to have good leverage, Okunlola looked like a starting day for Cristobal and company and a very important foundation for trajectory. programs.

“Our class can really promote what Miami will mean in the coming years,” Okunlola said. “What we do over the next one or two, two or three years will show what Miami will be like in the coming years.”

One of the first players to start training on Tuesday was Joseph, who I thought would train well the next day. One of the best receivers in America, Joseph is fast, easily detaches, catches the ball in the bottom of the field, and can also be used in fast play, as well as in fast swings and reverses, due to his ability to force players to miss and quickly enter the field.

At 6ft 1in and weighing 225lbs, Fletcher is definitely a promising player after a terrific senior season, when he rushed for almost 2,000 yards and threw 23 touchdowns, and then came to San Antonio and showed what a significant player he can be. pass catcher. He played in the outfield, won 1-on-1s, and in the game was able to get free on the 89-yard receiving, where he was ahead of the defense for part of the time, finding himself alone on the broken surface. Paired with citizen Trevonte, Miami boasts two over 220-pound defensemen who can play hard between tackles but need to be respected for what they can do on the edges and in the passing game.

Linebacker Jayden Wayne and midfielder Malik Bryant were selected to the All-American Bowl but did not play due to injury.

Ohio state signers meet the standard

The Buckeyes finished 6th on 247Sports’ recruiting rankings, another move that should keep them on the hunt for the college football playoffs for years to come.

Ohio State typically boasts the best receiving team in college football, and that doesn’t appear to be in jeopardy as the top two wide receivers in this setting head to five-star Columbus. Brandon Inniss and Carnell Tate.

Inniss will be Captain Buckeye when all is said and done. He has amazing leadership skills and is just a performer when the lights are on. No matter who else is on the field, Inniss always finds a way to play a few more games than the next player. There are no flaws in his game, he can run, he has strong hands, he is strong after the catch and his game speed is what really stands out.

Tate has the entire route tree in the deck, he provides an easy split and is as dangerous as any post-catch prospect in America.

Watching the defender Top247 Calvin Simpson-Hunt run step by step Malachi Coleman and his 10.4 speed in the 100m was on many occasions one of the things that definitely caught my attention during the week. Simpson-Hunt has a good size, elite speed and good hips. He has as many advantages as any rookie defenseman in the country.

No one has made more plays in a week of practice on either side of the ball than safety. Malik Hartford, a secondary level space eater who plays with a large range due to his instincts. Hartford will need to add mass as soon as he arrives in Columbus, but Mickey Marotti and his force squad have a proven track record there, and we know that when you turn on Hartford’s movie, he’s already down and spreading firewood around the line of scrimmage. Ohio State has a secondary club that is rapidly changing after this season and next, with Simpson-Hunt and Hartford soon becoming household names in the OSU market.

When you talk about standards in position rooms like that of a wide receiver in Ohio State, that certainly applies to the quarterback as well as what C.J. Stroud is tracking to be the third consecutive first-round pick in the NFL Draft under Ryan Day. 2023 Buckeyes Quarterback Rookie Lincoln Kienholz He got rid of a week of training as he adjusted to the pace of the South Dakota game and played very well in the All-American Bowl. He was the most athletic defender on the scene and avoided pressure on several occasions with his pocket presence and ability to move, as well as a long touchdown pass on Ca’Morreun Pimpton was definitely one of the highlights of the game. Kienholz will need to get stronger, but I saw a lot of positive things in his exit from the game.

Protective end Joshua Mickens and offensive lineman Luke Montgomery there were good moments too.

Brent Venables quickly refit Suners protection

Oklahoma struggled defensively this fall, finishing 123rd nationally. This is not a typical Venables defense.

Not even close.

But the trajectory of this unit is spectacular when you look at some of the future Early All-American Bowl players.

Crandall (TX) Tall Linebacker Samuel Omoshigo Athletic second-tier quarterback who has amassed over 2,000 yards and over 200 tackles in his prepping career. He covers all levels of the field and is one of the best midfielders in the space. Omoshigo has a lot of stellar qualities when he thinks about how he projects Venable’s defense into the future.

Protective back Macari Vickers was one of the most impressive tier two players this week, he will be ready to play on the first day. He can be an inconsistency eraser, taking on running backs, receivers, tight ends, slots, whatever, he has the skill set to match and he did a lot for that at the All-American Bowl.

It’s been a quiet week of practice for Yasiah Wagoner but the defensive defender showed himself in the game, in the leaders in tackles, and he also had a pass failure in the end zone.

Alabama’s upper class introduced

Crimson Tide are ranked #1 in the 247Sports Recruiting Rankings and those who have competed in the All-American Bowl look like guys who can help. Nick Saban and the company are raising their next championship crystal ball.

#1 security on earth Caleb Downes started the week with 19 career interceptions at Hoshton, GA Mill Creek, so it’s no wonder he added one more in the game. Downs are always in the right place, whether it’s playing in the zone, helping out on the run, or making one-on-ones harder in practice. He is arguably the best high school football player in America and proved it in San Antonio.

Keon Kili is the best rusher in the country, a power thrower at the passer, and this guy no doubt made some of the offensive linemen nervous when they saw him across the line of scrimmage. But as good as Keely was, and he was damn good, he was little better than Yonza Pierre which was also electrified in this setting. The way Pierre can get down and twist his body was very impressive and he still has a lot of development potential in the gym. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s not just good, but a special player in Tuscaloosa.

I liked what I saw from the top offensive equipment Lady Proctor. I thought he performed well in practice…