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Winners, loser from Rui Hachimura trade to Lakers Shannon Sharpe apologizes on air for incident with Grizzlies, Dillon Brooks Beverley trolls “Dame time” during Lakers comeback, Lillard fires back It’s official: Lakers acquire Hachimura from Wizards for Nunn, second-round picks After two-year absence, Magic’s Jonathan Isaac will return to court Monday

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The first action of the trading season is underway, and thirsty Lakers fans are getting some juice – Los Angeles is trading solid winger depth in a player it could re-sign this offseason. All it took was a guy on the edge of the rotation and a few picks in the second round. On the other hand, Wizards… are doing something.

Let’s split the winners and losers on the first trade of 2023. Let’s start by reminding everyone about the deal itself:

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Lakers get: Rui Hachimura

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Wizards get: Kendrick Nunnthe Bulls’ 2023 second-round pick, the lesser 2028 Lakers or Wizards second-round pick, and the Lakers’ 2029 second-round pick.

Winner: Lakers front office

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That’s what Rob Pelinka and the Lakers’ headquarters wanted: a trade that shows they’re working and making the team better—even if only marginally—without giving away the first-round assets they’re hoarding for a potential home run this summer. .

This trade doesn’t bridge the gap between the Lakers and rivals, but this silver bullet trade is impossible. It’s a solid, safe game that the Lakers front office can advertise to fans and say, “Look, we’re trying” (and say the same to all superstars with a potentially unhappy roster).

Besides, Hachimura is a good fit for the Lakers. This trade makes the Lakers better, starting with the fact that it brings shots to the game. Hachimura has improved as a three-pointer in his NBA career, and when he played with LeBron James and Anthony Davis he should get clean catch-and-shot looks. (Of course, he will spend most of his time on the bench next to Russell Westbrook – they were teammates in Washington and have a connection.)

Hachimura needs to stick to that 3rd ball or get to the ring – he does a third of his punches from medium distance (between 10 feet and the arc) and although he has improved on those, these are still not very good punches for him. He needs to go out and run with Westbrook, he’s a good fit for the Lakers at halftime.

Hachimura is firm. He is good? He shows flashes of it, but not yet permanently there. Lakers want to pay him like he’s good? Not necessary. The deal could be done early because Hachimura has a cap of $18.8 million heading into free agency and anything he signs up for will be well below that amount (probably more like the mid-range exclusion range in $10 million).

Winner: Rui Hachimura

Hachimura wanted to leave the country’s capital.

“I just want to be where they want me as a basketball player, and I want to be where they like my game,” Hachimura said, and when asked if it was Washington, he replied: “I don’t know. We must find out.

Is not. Hachimura got what he wanted in that he’s out and he’s on a team that will give him many minutes, a franchise with a much brighter spotlight, he’ll be playing alongside LeBron James and he’s with a team that wants to reach new contract with him this offseason. This is about what Hachimura could ask for.

Underdog (sort of): Washington Wizards

Loser is relative here, it’s like a three for the Wizards.

However, this is not a victory. They used the high pick (#9) to pick Hachimura, spent years developing him, and hoped to get a first-round pick in return. Instead, they got three seconds, which may have turned into a good player, but it’s not a home run. It’s the same with Nunn, who if he could get back to his form from Miami could be a useful player, but in Los Angeles he never looked like that guy.

It also doesn’t answer the question, what is Washington’s long-term strategy? It remains hazy.

Winner: Kyle Kuzma

This summer Kuzma receives a salary.

He has a breakout season – 21.8 points and 7.6 rebounds per game – when he goes free.

The wizards shot down the teams that called about the exchange of Kuzma, according to Jake Fisher of Yahoo Sports, and the trade of Hachimura signals that they are serious about re-signing him in the off-season. This frees up a little more room to pay Kuzma in July (he is not going to sign an extension with the team, the maximum they can offer is four years, $69.9 million, he will get an offer north of $100 million as a free contract) . agent).

Kuzma wants to stay in Washington? While he’s responded to trading rumors by saying all the right things about how he enjoys spending time with the Wizards and his teammates, rumors continue to circulate around the league that he’s eyeing bigger markets and brighter lights. Wizards may have to pay extra to keep it.

Washington should pay Kuzma plus Denis Avdia will be eligible for renewal this summer. The wizards will have to open the checkbook.

Friday night on the sidelines of the Arena, Shannon Sharp showed no signs of backing down, barking at Dillon Brooks, I am Morant and father of Morant T.

Back on his Fox Sports show Undisputed (with Skip Bayless) on Monday, Sharpe was the grown-up in the room who took the big road.

“For the past six and a half years, I have preached responsibility and accountability, and I take full responsibility for what happened. I will never say it wasn’t Shannon Sharp because it was me. It’s just that I got out of character. And I feel sorry for all those who saw my actions and took offense at my actions…

“It doesn’t matter what Dillon Brooks said or how many times he said it. I was a responsible person, having the platform that I have, and with so many people looking up to me, I was wrong. I had to lower the temperature in the arena. Instead, I raised the temperature and let it get out of hand.”

Sharpe and Brooks exchanged words for much of the first half – that Brooks was guarding LeBron James — but everything boiled over immediately after the break buzzer. Then both Morant intervened in the matter, and the security service had to separate everyone.

The NBA and arena security escorted both men off the court, although Sharp returned to his seat in the second half. He started talking to Brooks again shortly before the game started, but referee Zach Zarba came over and stopped him. After the game, Brooks was asked if Sharpe should have been allowed back to his seat.

“An ordinary pedestrian like him? No, he should never have returned to the game,” Brooks said. “But this is Los Angeles”

LeBron James supported Sharpe.

“I ride with Shannon 365 days – 366 in a leap year – 24/7. So that’s my guy,” LeBron said after the game. “I have always supported him. And he has mine. He will surely be able to talk to the best of them.”

Ty Morant and Sharp reconcile.


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