Mansfield, Texas — Highest-ranking senior in attendance at the Wootten 150 Camp weekend at Fieldhouse USA in Mansfield, Texas, five stars. Ron Holland arrange a dominant performance in the camp at both ends of the site. He won the one-on-one event, took his team to the final of the three-on-three matchup, and basically did what he wanted when he wanted to.

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Ranked 12th by 247Sports, the 6’8 Duncanville, Texas forward made it into the final group of four college programs – Arkansas, Kentucky, Texas and UCLA – and the G League. is to wait until spring to make a college choice.

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“My mom and I had a long, deep, detailed conversation about this,” Holland told 247Sports. out.”

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Some might think that deciding to wait might add stress to what is often considered a stressful process of choosing a school (or professionals). Holland doesn’t feel any stress, and despite having already made incredible progress during his high school career, he has big goals for his final year.

“There really is no (stress),” Holland said. “People say the hiring process is stressful for you, but my mom and the people I have in my little circle take care of all the stress so they can make sure I enjoy my senior year.

“I want us to be better than any other team that has ever come through Duncanville, that’s my mindset. We had great teams, great players, we have people in the NBA who have been through this, but now it’s our turn and I feel like I have a good voice, a good lead and that everyone respects me and me. respect everyone present and we can do it.”

Of course, making a decision is important, and while he says he’s taking his time, Holland is taking steps that will allow him to make a faster decision if he wants to. He is set to make a second trip to UCLA on October 10 and will return to Austin at the end of the month when Texas hosts Arkansas for an exhibition game. He discussed each of his college options.

Arkansas: They say they have NBA-level stuff. They beat their players statistically, just like NBA coaches do. At their facility they train like NBA players and they also rehab like NBA players and that goes for every other college I have as well. But their big message to me is that they can prepare me for the NBA.”

Kentucky: “The thing about[John Calipari]is that everyone knows about the players and he can do it. But his attitude towards the NBA tells me that everything depends on me and that nothing will be given to me. He says that if I do my job, then he will do his.”

Texas: “For them, they say it just has to work. You know the number one player in Texas, a hard working player, and I’m a good guy on and off the court. They talk about branding and everything. It’s a business on the court and a business off the court, and everything has to go on as usual, but I will have to do the work if I want to be there in the next few years.

UCLA: “I’m going to their practice and I want to make sure that if I really choose UCLA, that’s what I want to do and that’s a real conversation. Practice is what this thing is about so I want to see it. Of course they will try because this is a college and everyone is trying. I want to make sure they do what I think can help me reach my maximum potential.”

On several occasions during his 247Sports interview, Holland stressed that while his ultimate goal is to get into the NBA and that much of his decision will be based on development, he is ultimately responsible for the performance and wins. Now it remains to make the best choice.

“I have five great options,” Holland said. “Ultimately it’s all up to me, but it’s about where I get the best experience and where they put me in the best position to be the dude I’m trying to be. You have to know who you are at the end of the day and I try to be myself and be that energetic guy who tries to bring everyone together.”