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World Cup vibes rankings: USA, Japan feeling best going into Round of 16


So, there are 36 games of the 2022 World Cup in the plans: how do you feel now? I’m just joking. I don’t care. Okay, I know. I am really. I hope you’re doing well, but for the purposes of today’s exercise, I don’t care what you think about your World Cup-related well-being, or what it actually is. No, instead I’m here to update you on how you feel about the World Cup. should be.

What the hell am I talking about? Well, every team comes to every World Cup with different expectations. A handful want to win everything, a bunch of others see elimination qualifiers as a goal with everything but that bonus, and some just want to get through three matches without embarrassment. Then, as the unknown writer of the television show The Industry once said, they play three games, and joy and unhappiness are randomly distributed.

Bad teams win, good teams lose, bad teams tie, and great teams go home due to a Byzantine tiebreak. As NASA astrophysicist Gerald Skinner and data scientist Guy Freeman wrote in their study of randomness in the most famous global four-year competition: “Even with very optimistic assumptions, the chances of the best team winning the cup are less than one in three. “

So instead of just listing 16 teams that should feel good and 16 others that should feel bad based solely on the results of what Skinner and Freeman called a “poorly designed experiment,” I’m instead trying to combine them and rank them all. 32 teams both by how they played and by results. Welcome to the World Cup Power Ranking – by “Vibes”.

Note: The last eight teams will be added to the rankings after they play on Friday.

Source: www.espn.com