Leading up to Survivor Series this weekend, we take a look at five of the most memorable moments in Survivor Series history.

Moment 1: Birth of a Dead Man – Survivor Series 1990 (11/22/90)

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Perhaps the moment of all Survivor Series Moments has to do with a legend that has made a name for itself in pay-per-views: The Undertaker. One of the most famous wrestlers in WWE history was relatively unknown until this matchup, in which he was the enigmatic partner of “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase, along with The Honky Tonkman and Greg Valentine. Team DiBiase will take on Dusty Rhodes, Coco B. Ware, and the Hart Foundation.

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When Deadman first slowly approached the ring, a frightened crowd was watching him, and the faces of frightened children were visible. There had never been such an ominous image as the Undertaker, and the expression on the faces that filled the crowd was priceless.

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The scene was taken to a whole new level when we witnessed a 6’10” hippo in the ring, moving like he was a lightweight. The Undertaker took control of a well-played match that saw Coco B. Ware fall victim to the first of many classic tombstones that have been witnessed over the years.

It was clear from the beginning that his combination of athleticism, strength, size and ability to play the part better than anyone could have imagined would be special. Never before and never again will we see such a terrible debut as this one.

That night, The Undertaker made the Survivor Series his own and continued the idea at the same event the following year when he defeated the one and only Hulk Hogan to claim his first WWE Championship.

Fast forward 26 years and the seven-time WWE World Champion is considered the conscience of WWE. When his brilliant career came to an end, he would undoubtedly be considered one of the best in history.