Wyshynski’s NHL trade deadline tiers: From elite game-changers to bargain beauties

For the record, the 2023 NHL trade deadline is still set for Friday, March 3rd, even if most of the league has decided to make their holiday shopping earlier.

According to CapFriendly, the average number of deals completed in the 14 days before the deadline was 17.6 over the past 10 seasons. In 2022-2023, 27 transactions were made during this time period as of Tuesday.

These trades included most of the biggest names expected to leave before the deadline: Patrick Kane (traded to the New York Rangers), Timo Meyer (New Jersey Devils), Ryan O’Reilly ( Toronto Maple Leafs), Matthias Ekholm (Edmonton). Oilers) and Dmitry Orlov (Boston Bruins). Go back even further and you’ll find trades for Vladimir Tarasenko (Rangers) and Bo Horvath (New York Islanders).

What’s left before Friday’s deadline, with so many deals and so little room for a salary cap?

A lot, actually. Big names still need new homes. Challengers have yet to fill holes in the squad. Rebuild teams still want to accumulate picks and prospects. And given the creativity in third-party trades we’ve seen this season — where brokered teams get a draft pick in exchange for withholding the salary of a traded player — there’s a chance for bigger capped moves before the deadline. .

Here are the trade levels for the 2023 NHL Trade Deadline as they are at the moment.

Source: www.espn.com

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